Circulars [adjective]

Definition of Circulars:

going around

Synonyms of Circulars:

Opposite/Antonyms of Circulars:


Sentence/Example of Circulars:

The road descended on the other side, and we followed it till we came unexpectedly upon a little circular park.

Her eye fastened on a circular portion of the wall-paper pattern, and she felt that the whole room was revolving about her.

You see, all the swells sat in their boxes and gazed right down on the dancers, who had a circular place roped off for them.

In the nine differently colored circular tracks, rolled little globes representing the planets.

The sound holes may have been traced down and even the upper and lower circular holes bored.

This compression will be vastly increased through the simultaneous opening of the eight circular speaking ports SP.

The inner tube has an internal flanch, to which a flat circular plate is screwed to close up the tube.

A narrow, circular stairway leads to the tower, from which the beauty of the location is at once apparent.

This was a circular wooden structure, above six feet in diameter, with a door and small windows.

Only less in order of magnitude than the hurricanes are the circular storms known as cyclones.