Circulated [verb]

Definition of Circulated:

make known

Synonyms of Circulated:

Opposite/Antonyms of Circulated:

Sentence/Example of Circulated:

Last week, union president Elizabeth Davis circulated a “tentative agreement” to members.

Yet even then, experts believe, some version of the virus will continue to circulate, perhaps as a common cold virus or an occasional deadly outbreak among the unvaccinated, for many years, if not forever.

With a highly contagious disease circulating in the country, tens of millions of people have been working for months from home, shopping online and only occasionally visiting shops and eateries.

Fiberglass filters should be changed monthly to prevent dust and dirt from building up and circulating throughout your home, says Rebecca Edwards, lead safety and technology reporter at SafeWise, an online safety resource company.

Popular platforms like Twitter also make it easier to spread information through infographics, circulate crowdfunding pages and share other resources.

That rebellion was boosted on social media, where unfounded claims of fraud were widely circulated.

There are also phantom data points that get repeated and take on an aura of truth because they’re so widely circulated.

For months, rumors have circulated that Apple has developed small tags that could be attached to other items and provide a tracking capability.

He told her about the mood in the prison when the news circulated that they would be getting $1,200 stimulus payments — more money than many had seen in years.

Another person with knowledge of the situation said the research and development department will be impacted, leaving members of that team bracing for bad news as word slowly circulates.