Circulates [verb]

Definition of Circulates:

make known

Synonyms of Circulates:

Opposite/Antonyms of Circulates:

Sentence/Example of Circulates:

It takes a few weeks for immunity to build, so by the time the virus really starts circulating you’re already protected.

Twitter users recently circulated a photo of what was believed to be the same boat, taken at a recent campaign event for the President.

In late October 2019, social-media users once again expressed anger after photos began circulating of a school’s students wearing brainwave-monitoring headbands, supposedly to improve their focus and learning.

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By 2016, it was the dominant form of influenza virus circulating in tested pigs.

That evolving, diffusive earthquake front suggests that circulating groundwater triggered the long-lasting swarm of tremors.

In fact, non-paralytic cases of polio had most likely been circulating under the radar in the US since 1890.

These systems typically have a central plant that burns natural gas to heat water, which then is circulated to the various buildings.

Then it circulates this gas through a closed chamber holding the masks.

“We wanted to see what other viruses were circulating in bats and other animals” in Sierra Leone, recalls Goldstein.