Circumlocutions [noun]

Definition of Circumlocutions:

indirect speech

Synonyms of Circumlocutions:

Opposite/Antonyms of Circumlocutions:

Sentence/Example of Circumlocutions:

Mr. Kedge, without any circumlocution, asked whether he remembered any clerk of the name of Gordon having been in the house.

I took him outside the camp and without any circumlocution related the facts concerning his sister and Kirst.

He always disdained circumlocution, prided himself upon the directness and simplicity of his address.

The Polish composer Sowinski declared without circumlocution that Chopin "wrote admirably for the orchestra."

I have little time and no taste for circumlocution; I cannot conceal from myself that I am no favorite with your sister.

He got his message out bunglingly, with embarrassed circumlocution and repetition; but this was what it came to in the end.

One gathers, indeed, that the art of running a Circumlocution Office is carried to a high pitch in the political sphere.

But he considered "that the time had now come to express it without any perambulation or circumlocution."

Yours without ambiguity, circumlocution, or mental reservation.

This, indeed, in part explains why there was so much apparently useless circumlocution in the early stages of the project.