Circumscribed [verb]

Definition of Circumscribed:

mark off, delimit

Synonyms of Circumscribed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Circumscribed:

Sentence/Example of Circumscribed:

Such is the unbearable situation created in a culture quick to judge, to expel and especially to circumscribe the lives of women.

The youngest presidents tended to think more clearly about policies that would benefit future generations, and were less circumscribed by longstanding norms and prejudices.

Their opponents accepted the issue, and resolved to circumscribe the duke's inordinate powers.

It is my wish to state it with precision and circumscribe its limits here at the very start.

A new spirit has now gone abroad which no walls can bound or circumscribe.

This finally came to be so urgent that it even involved an effort to circumscribe the futile activities.

Of a simple and solid edifice, it is not easy, however, to circumscribe the duration.

About a given circle to circumscribe a triangle equiangular to a given triangle.

It has also been deemed desirable to circumscribe the two round towers of the south west Transept with iron bands.

We have now to circumscribe, as exactly as we can in this first sketch, each of these two great sections.