Circumspection [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Circumspection:

The utmost circumspection became necessary, and the young preacher had to bear up against much strife and opposition.

And then he proceeded with circumspection and dignity to demonstrate the process of decocting that mysterious beverage.

To flee was more than I could find courage for; but I registered a vow of unsleeping circumspection.

But I suggest that you do so with the utmost circumspection.

The ten galleys were ordered to advance rapidly, but with the greatest circumspection.

We must consider this point also with more circumspection than has been shown by most of Montaigne's critics.

The caution and circumspection required in such examination we shall presently have an opportunity of explaining.

The good-man filled a glass with circumspection and offered it to Gaudissart, who drank it up.

Grotius himself acquaints us, that he used great circumspection in writing news to the High Chancellor.

Man is distinguished from the rest of the creation by his circumspection and providence.