Circumspectly [adverb]

Definition of Circumspectly:

cautiously; painstakingly

Opposite/Antonyms of Circumspectly:

Sentence/Example of Circumspectly:

This greatly distressed Birgitte and Mette, who devised many plans to induce the bird to act more circumspectly.

The cave was plainly a wild beast's lair, and he entered circumspectly.

During a lull in the battle I left the regiment and circumspectly proceeded forward to reconnoiter.

No sooner was his back turned than Grimalkin slipped across the yard and approached circumspectly.

But many of these pitfalls may be avoided if one narrows his path and walks circumspectly in it.

Mrs. Vernon drove Hepsy very carefully, and the animal seemed to sense that she must step circumspectly.

No sooner was he safe out of the way than the door of the hut opened circumspectly.

And she will have to walk very circumspectly to retain her place in the school.

Then he turned on his light, circumspectly, directing its rays to the ground at his feet.

He would walk circumspectly, and buy first and dig afterwards.