Circumstances [noun]

Definition of Circumstances:

state of affairs in one's life

Synonyms of Circumstances:

Opposite/Antonyms of Circumstances:

Sentence/Example of Circumstances:

The House Foreign Affairs Committee’s hearing was part of a broader investigation into the circumstances surrounding Linick’s ouster in the spring.

The Anthropocene may seem like the right name now, but it is tethered too tightly to our present circumstance, defining our epoch by what is below us rather than ahead of us.

In any case, after about a week I had caught five star-nosed moles, more than I had expected under the best of circumstances.

So yes, there were circumstances that hindered his ability this postseason.

Some believed that was as good as possible, given the circumstances, and enough evidence that audiences would follow new releases into theaters.

It’s a dangerous circumstance because it would mean the machinery of the US government is prioritizing the president’s feelings over the nation’s security and the 2020 election’s integrity.

Politicians, political campaigns, foreign actors, and even average users have long used the services to disseminate false claims about candidates, and in some cases undermine the credibility of this year’s election given its unique circumstances.

Yet, amid the tumultuous circumstances of a global pandemic that has triggered a health crisis and widespread economic uncertainty, that question is increasingly being answered.

The other circumstance in which BCAAs may be helpful is if you don’t eat a lot of leucine-rich foods and want to build muscle quickly.

This was no strange sight to the boy by that time, but it was awkward in the circumstances, for he had neither gun nor spear.