Circumvented [verb]

Definition of Circumvented:

fool, mislead

Synonyms of Circumvented:

Opposite/Antonyms of Circumvented:

Sentence/Example of Circumvented:

He wasn’t fooled by Wall Street’s attempt to circumvent the new rules on derivatives, the financial sidebets that exacerbated the 2008 crisis.

This year, the news organizations have reported on the various ways in which coastal homeowners have used loopholes to circumvent Hawaii’s environmental laws, winning exemptions to protect their properties at the expense of the state’s beaches.

In business the subtle art of his absorbing rapacity circumvented any attempt to lessen his profits by the shaving of a copper.

To the noble woman do thou no further harm, though thou the royal bride with guiles hast circumvented.

But even these precautions were circumvented by sharpers who advertised their wretched wares as marked-down Ingersolls.

Two mere youths had circumvented the legal and military sagacity of the sages of Perth.

For these love to consult, the other (fearing to be circumvented,) to strike first.

As to the fate of his boy, Mamie deliberately circumvented all reference to the subject.

The Heavens must be persecuted and circumvented, and this must be done by the ruin of man.

Two of us climbed it on the right; the third man circumvented it on the left.