Cirques [noun]

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Most of its mass is derived directly from the low hanging snow clouds, or is blown into the cirque by eddying winds.

What especially distinguishes the Puyallup Glacier from its neighbors to the north is the great elevation of its cirque.

The cirque is small and shallow, not as capacious even as either of the twin recesses in the Carbon Glacier's amphitheater.

A huge cirque extending up toward Liberty Cap on the western side of the mountain.

I will give you my opinion,” he uttered, “after I have investigated matters in the Rue du Cirque.

She made use of our house in the Rue du Cirque for purposes of dissipation for herself and her daughter Cesarine.

Hunters and dogs cornered an old billy near me in the head of a glacial cirque, in what is now the Glacier National Park.

Everyone grew old and tradition-bound in the Cirque Rocambeau, even the horses, until gradually it perished of senile decay.

The Cirque Rocambeau had gone round without perceiving that the world had gone round too.

No wonder the Cirque Rocambeau had come to grief, if it depended on such canaries as Lackaday.