Cistern [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Cistern:

The waste steam puffed through a launder into the feed-cistern.

This was done with water in the cistern round the condenser, which water came up to 180 degrees of heat, and remained so.

From this cistern large earthen pipes led off in various directions to irrigate the terraces below.

We washed out of the seep well and used the cistern water to drink.

So they picks up the flatirons, and as they picks em up they come a splashing noise in the cistern.

The water having failed in the cistern on the Tuesday, she had recourse to that in the water-tub in the back kitchen.

A sort of safety-valve is provided in such works, exactly of the same nature as the waste-pipe of a common cistern.

He made excellent eating; flavoured, we suppose, by the contents of the cranial cistern afore described.

Big empty tins stood there, awaiting the next visit of the tender, and Brand wrenched the cover off the nearest cistern.

Our three artists mounted up the rocks overhanging the cistern, and looked down on the heads of the people.