Cited [verb]

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note, quote

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In a petition seeking the recount, the campaign cited a number of concerns with how absentee ballots were handled.

Maryland’s largest county is calling on its private and parochial schools to consider moving to all-virtual instruction, citing a surge in coronavirus infections, with case rates increasing daily.

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin on Thursday said he would not extend most of the emergency lending programs run in tandem with the Federal Reserve, a move the central bank immediately criticized, citing the fragile recovery.

The Smithsonian Institution cited the caseload rise Thursday while announcing it will temporarily close eight facilities in the Washington region that had reopened.

Officials cited the need to carry out lawful death sentences and emphasized the nature of the crimes.

NFL postseason bubbles could be an option, but the league prefers to avoid themThe NFL cited the spike in cases around the country and the added risks presented by holiday gatherings.

It cited an August show at the Dulles Expo Center that attracted 12,500 people in total but, according to the lawsuit, did not lead to any reported coronavirus cases.

With Clarkson gone, Dunleavy and his administration refused for months to answer questions about what they knew about the attorney general’s behavior and when they knew it, citing the privacy of personnel matters.

Staff cited time-consuming paperwork for federal reporting requirements and skepticism about their accuracy.

He cited YotPo for reviews and ShipperHQ for shipping calculations for DTC brands.