Cites [verb]

Definition of Cites:

note, quote

Synonyms of Cites:

Opposite/Antonyms of Cites:

Sentence/Example of Cites:

Our author cites likewise some of her accusers, and considers most of the current sayings against her as apocryphal.

Mr. Leaf suggests that the white colour represents "a corslet not of metal but of linen," and cites Iliad, II.

In proof, Mr. Ridgeway cites the axes and knives already mentioned—which are not spears or swords, and are sometimes of bronze.

Herr Kerlen cites the sympathy accorded in this country to the Kerensky revolution.

He cites and opposes a solution frequently given in the middle ages of the problem of evil.

He cites various opinions on the subject, which are dependent upon the idea one entertains concerning the nature of the soul.

The same author, otherwise generally very judicious, cites several examples of foreign tongues spoken by mediums.

To this end he cites the mechanical rule, assumed to be indicated by the pupil's faulty vocal action.

It gives no reasons; it merely cites me, not to be heard, but simply to sing a palinode.

The Scholiast cites Plato ἐν τῇ Πολιτείᾳ, which seems a mistake for ἐν τῷ Σοφίστῃ.