Citing [verb]

Definition of Citing:

note, quote

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Sentence/Example of Citing:

The investigation, cited by the lawmakers who introduced the legislation, also found that school employees sometimes physically restrained children not because there was an emergency but out of frustration or as punishment.

Two outgoing supervisors, on the other hand, cited privacy concerns for their decision to keep the case going.

In that case, the state was refusing to release records on similar grounds as Boeing is refusing to now, citing its role as party to an NTSB investigation.

Supervisor Jim Desmond declined to comment, citing the appeal being in closed session.

So a lot of these studies and I’m not familiar on the one you cited, are actually broader than Twitter.

He adds that upstart banks in the strongest position also include those that have targeted a niche, citing Greenlight, which recently raised $215 million for its “debit card for kids” offering.

Microsoft cited the Düsseldorf death in a blog post on Friday about the dangers of cyberattacks.

Giroir’s letter cited some of the key arguments for antigen tests, including their ability to detect those who are most infectious.

Advertisers, Griffey said, have been making shorter commitments than in years past, citing economic uncertainty.

Instead, they often cite the preparation that has led to the changes.