Citizenry [noun]

Definition of Citizenry:

inhabitants of a place

Synonyms of Citizenry:

Opposite/Antonyms of Citizenry:


Sentence/Example of Citizenry:

The labor unions, the clergy, public officials and the general citizenry, were represented by the speakers.

Mosby's command, the "Partisan Rangers," also attracted several score of her patriotic citizenry.

No European commonwealths embraced in their citizenry one-half the ethnic diversity of the Carolinas or of Pennsylvania.

The post office at noon was a famous gathering place for the citizenry of Deep Harbor.

In society he found three classes: the philosophic and scientific, the soldier-citizenry, and the traders and artisans.

The citizenry of the countryside, save kin and friend of the slain feudists, had turned out to attend.

Switzerland has a soldierly citizenry and can mobilize it instantly as a citizen soldiery.

For a planetary savior, he was personally doing in an awful lot of the citizenry.

For a planetary savior he was personally doing in an awful lot of the citizenry.

I am supposed to arouse a citizenry on their behalf that is petrified with indifference.