Citizens [noun]

Definition of Citizens:

person native of country

Opposite/Antonyms of Citizens:

Sentence/Example of Citizens:

The San Diego Union, in a June 1922 editorial, argued that a section of Chicago had just been “ruined” by the “invasion” of a “class” of citizens who had already lived in the area.

“Our responsibility is to our citizens, to help inform their decisions intentionally based on the best science we have rather than letting the market roll out as it rolls out,” Ehlers said.

While the nation’s wealthier citizens have so far emerged largely unscathed financially from the pandemic, many on low incomes are struggling.

We assume that there are reasonable efforts to allow eligible citizens to vote and to count all legal ballots, and that electors are awarded to the popular-vote winner in each state.

For citizens, this means the data created by them and about them will be held in public servers and managed by data trusts.

Universal healthcareAnother major component of any society is the healthcare of its citizens.

It offers visa-free entry access to most citizens from 39 nations.

Very different, but in some ways very similar in that the local government, many decades ago, decided to start building housing for their citizens.

We’re trying to bring billions of people out of poverty, so there are limits to what we can do as an international good citizen.

Like the dunes, the unusual airglow STEVE was named by citizen scientists.