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Muske-catthe civet-cat; applied as a term of contempt to a fop, as being a person perfumed with musk.

The civet has nothing in common with the hyna but the glandular pouch, under the tail, and the mane along the neck and back-bone.

THE generality of naturalists are of opinion that the perfume called civet, or musk, is furnished only by one species of animals.

Certain it is, that most of the fables which have been related of the hyna, took their rise from the civet.

The civet brought from Amsterdam is preferred to that which comes from the Levant or the Indies, as being the most genuine.

The smell of the civet, though stronger, is more agreeable than that of the musk.

The last of the civet-like animals about which we can tell you is the meerkat, sometimes known as the suricate.

The best known of these animals is the Indian civet, which is about four feet in length, including the tail.

There are ten or eleven different kinds of these animals, the commonest of which is the Indian palm-civet.

Pardon me, I am no seller of plasters, nor of ounces of civet.