Civics [noun]

Definition of Civics:

art and science of administration of government

Opposite/Antonyms of Civics:


Sentence/Example of Civics:

The study of history and civilization, of sociology and civics, will do much in the first direction.

To indicate this more clearly they have applied to the study the name of "Community Civics."

The works and biographies of great men furnish many opportunities for incidental instruction in civics.

We already see advances both in the purpose and the plan of civics teaching and in the literature prepared for the schools.

As society is constituted the ideal has no place, not even standing room, in the arena of civics.

Do you, when you are tired after a day's work, take home a scientific work or a treatise on civics?

My brave John Wesley, do you remember your college sociology and economics and civics and all the rest?

In connection with the special topic some valuable material may be found in the Civics section in the reference room.

A new book, suitable for high-school and college classes in history or civics, and for the general reader.

In fact, the teaching of civics may be based almost entirely on current events.