Civilians [noun]

Definition of Civilians:

nonmilitary person

Synonyms of Civilians:

Opposite/Antonyms of Civilians:


Sentence/Example of Civilians:

As you are doubtless aware, between civilians the small-sword, the rapier and the pistol are what are usually employed.

Succor could not arrive, he argued, and they were in duty bound to save the surviving civilians and the women and children.

With them were two civilians, both in rough shooting-jackets and breeches, one about forty-five, the other a few years his junior.

This professional conscience becomes a destiny to him, and guides his life to an extent inconceivable by most civilians.

Three more civilians, wearing the white-feather symbol on their overcoats, advanced toward Winfree.

Nearby, Hartson Brant and the other scientists were deep in conversation with a group of civilians and Navy officers.

I entered the hall, where I found the president seated, and surrounded by a circle, as well of officers as civilians.

The Spanish War had done more than give straps to a lot of civilians with pulls; it had eradicated the dry-rot from the Army.

From delicacy of feeling, or because they feared his anger, civilians and military residents avoided Longwood.

The guard house was only intended for soldiers and gentlemen, and no place for condemned civilians.