Civilities [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Civilities:

As 4,000 troops occupied the building, the raucous scene was a far cry from the civility of lawmaking.

Rather than accepting a race to the bottom that downgrades and divides us, we can together create a technology landscape that enables a race to the top—one that supports our interconnection, civility, and deep brilliance.

So it’s important to encourage people to have the patience, civility, and restraint to actually wait for the outcome of the election and to trust the process.

While this may seem like a reasonable statement for the sake of digital civility, it raised the eyebrows of many women, especially women of color, who have consistently been on the receiving end of Twitter death threats and worse for years.

Regarding culture, I’m very motivated and concerned this year about democratic norms and civility within our government.

Am I not in France—gay, delightful France—partaking of the kindness and civility of the country?

The same game of finesse was played at his own table; for there De Patinos had for some time assumed an air of civility.

A courteous manner, and graceful offer of service are valued highly when offered, and the giver loses nothing by her civility.

Nothing could rouse him out of his tame civility, which had been taken more than once for obsequiousness.

He omitted no opportunity of showing marked civility to Tallard.