Civilizations [noun]

Definition of Civilizations:

culture, sophistication

Synonyms of Civilizations:

Opposite/Antonyms of Civilizations:

Sentence/Example of Civilizations:

If so, far more movies have been made on Earth about alien civilizations than there actually are alien civilizations.

For some reason, civilization is not a self-perpetuating state of affairs on this planet.

At the core of their argument is the fact that since the first large human settlements appeared 10,000 years ago, civilization has been built on the back of our ability to extract resources from nature, be they food, energy, or materials.

In the Drake equation, about half the unknowns are about extraterrestrial civilizations.

This contained a term for how long such civilizations might exist before destroying themselves.

Within the past thirty years civilization has rapidly taken possession of this lovely region.

William has thus been happily able to report to the society the approaching conversion of M'Bongo and his imminent civilization.

The whole history of human civilization was denounced as an unredeemed record of the spoliation of the weak by the strong.

The nerves of our industrial civilization are worn thin with the rattle of its own machinery.

Here was a bit of a civilization of a building era, that was almost old, everything being relative.