Civilizing [adjective]

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And that is the reason why Charlemagne befriended the Church and elevated it, because its influence was civilizing.

This is one of the services the mind must render for us; it is the process of civilizing us.

Such was M. Grossi, whom Madam de Warrens undertook and succeeded in civilizing.

This case illustrates the difficulties to be met in civilizing these people.

It is the Government that needs civilizing far more than the people.

The boisterous, vehement harbor-master was able to continue his civilizing crusade without fear of any more ambuscades.

The whole continent is parcelled out among different nations, who have assumed the task of civilizing their respective spheres.

A set of Landor's collected works will go further towards civilizing a man than any university education now on the market.

He threw Christianity overboard bodily and with little appreciation of its historic effect as a civilizing agency.

Besides its commercial and strategical importance, as a mere civilizing influence it might become incalculable.