Civilly [adverb]

Definition of Civilly:

without making trouble

Synonyms of Civilly:

Opposite/Antonyms of Civilly:

Sentence/Example of Civilly:

A distinguished-looking man, evidently vested with authority, bustled forward and addressed him, civilly enough.

A car conductor is instructed to treat passengers civilly and to use no harsh means with them, save in extreme cases.

Thus far the wayfarers encountered during his journey had treated him civilly.

He walked away, taking leave of the man as civilly as though he had been a respectable member of society.

She enquired civilly and even quietly into your situation, and approved the sentiments which naturally fell from me.

He unlocked his bachelor's pantry of crackers, cheese and choice Madeira, hospitality which they civilly declined.

He had told her, not too civilly, that he had work enough without doing drawings for girls.

He gave me good-morning civilly; and I gave the same to him, smiling down upon him from the heights of my sufficiency.

Mrs Jones a young, Handsome, polite Lady, received & entertained us exceeding civilly.

But you must treat the oracle civilly if you wish to make it speak.