Civvies [noun]

Definition of Civvies:

clothes, clothing

Synonyms of Civvies:

Opposite/Antonyms of Civvies:


Sentence/Example of Civvies:

He was in civvies, the jeans and sweater I normally thought of him wearing, but he had his service ribbons pinned to his breast.

Nevertheless, if I were in civvies, you'd have permitted the waiter to cut my steak.

As soon as afternoon parade was dismissed, we would dive for our quarters, and re-don our "civvies" until next parade.

And the civvies—gorblimy—when I was 'ome on leave they kep' on arstin' me, 'Ain't yer wounded yet?'

When we first come out, I thought all the Belgian civvies a lot o' bloody cowards takin' cover whenever Fritz came over.

O' course there was crowds o' civvies doin' the same, but 'e says there was a lot what didn't seem to care a damn.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw another man, younger in appearance and looking like an Army officer in civvies, approach him.

Granted as 'e can't walk about naked; granted as 'e 'asn't got a suit o' civvies of 'is own—wot is 'e to do?