Clad [adjective]

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When the short-skirted, gossamer clad nymphs made their appearance on the stage they became restless and fidgety.

The governor made a strong thrust at him, which almost knocked him down; but showed that he was clad in armor.

The Southern sun shone from a cloudless sky; a light, keen wind blowing from the distant snow-clad Canigou set the blood tingling.

A fellow rudely clad—a hybrid between man-at-arms and lackey—lounged on a musket to confront them in the gateway.

Her face was mild and pale; but it was the transparent hue of the virgin flower of spring, clad in her veiling leaves.

She considered the embers on the stone, and then her grey eyes travelled back to the spare, tweed-clad figure beside it.

She sat on the sofa, clad in an ample white peignoir, holding a handkerchief tight in her hand with a nervous clutch.

The landlady, clad in a low-necked black dress with long sweeping train, was typical of many we saw in the old-country hotels.

The harbour-master had seen the signal, and, clad in oilskins like the men, was out among them superintending.

As he gazed, one white-clad foot slid a few inches toward him on the shining floor.