Claimants [noun]

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Nor can other creditors through filing objections to a claim prevent a bona fide claimant from voting.

It is true that an adverse claimant cannot give any title to her husband's land that would bar her right thereto.

With this (class c) form of the story we frequently find combined what is known as The False Claimant ‘motif.’

A second version of the False Claimant story is found in Le cerf au pied blanc.

Heinsberg had promised a certain benefice to Louis de Bourbon, the Duke's nephew, but gave it to another claimant.

I have lately learned that there was an earlier claimant to that same territory.

You remember that the unsuccessful claimant in the Bearsdale case got a barony?

I have told you what you must do—refuse to pay one cent to any claimant, no matter how strongly the claim is pressed.

This American claimant was a distant cousin, who had "somehow gotten hold of, or had fabricated a full set of documents."

It did not take long for the hero who had slain Medusa to kill the unlawful claimant, and reinstate his grandfather.