Claimed [verb]

Definition of Claimed:

demand, maintain property or right

Synonyms of Claimed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Claimed:

Sentence/Example of Claimed:

Part of the challenge is a seeming disconnect between the claim that “schools aren’t superspreaders” and the objective fact that some people tested at schools are found to have covid-19.

Yet significant though the fire’s impact was, the Battle of Actium a century earlier, and mentioned by Barrett, perhaps has greater claims as a classical watershed.

Unemployment insurance claims rose last week for the first time since early October.

Later, Fox News reporter Kristin Fisher called the news conference “colorful” and “light on facts,” noting that several of Giuliani’s more outlandish claims were simply not true.

Her claims about widespread unwanted sterilizations quickly came under scrutiny.

The number of new claims has fallen from peaks in the spring but remains historically high.

Your husband’s expression of pleasure at having been wrong will strengthen his claim to incompetence next time.

As it has been since he started making accusations years ago, the president’s claims about election fraud are utterly empty.

Research building over the last decade or so has supported the claim that some bacteria may indeed be metabolically active within their hazy abodes.

Dozens of false claims shared on social media have kept fact-checkers busy and partisans energized.