Claiming [verb]

Definition of Claiming:

demand, maintain property or right

Synonyms of Claiming:

Opposite/Antonyms of Claiming:

Sentence/Example of Claiming:

Arguably the program’s claim to fame entering 2020 was that they were considered the least annoying team in the Big Ten by Spencer Hall.

In short, punchy chapters, Cose examines one issue after another where democratic commitments and speech claims seem to conflict.

T-Mobile agreed to drop claims that it had the “best” or “most reliable” 5G network for now.

He even claimed that, under his proposed tax plan, he’d “probably pay more than I’m paying right now,” which might, unlike the rest of his claims, have been literally true, because, as we now know, he was barely paying taxes at all.

Jobless claims continue at higher levels than the peak of the Great Recession over a decade ago.

It also makes an ambitious claim of “up to” 120 frames per second.

County election officials did not immediately respond to The Post’s questions about the claim.

Insurers had the ability to make it difficult for high-risk patients to maintain their coverage by charging exorbitant premiums, being slow to process claims, and adding mounds of paperwork.

Realistically speaking, most people aren’t going to—and shouldn’t—turn themselves into fact-checking operations to address all these claims as they filter through their feeds.

Despite this admission, however, Richman continued to promote the claims.