Clambered [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Clambered:

Aristide clambered back to his seat, took the child on his knees, and commiserated it profoundly.

He deposited it on the vacant seat, clambered up behind the wheel, and started.

One heavily-laden boat was dragged into the stream, and a few officers and men clambered on board.

The tired children clambered into the "bedroom," Jess coming last with the wounded dog.

It was impossible that a man could have clambered out over that without leaving some impression.

On came the boats, up the sides of the vessel clambered the men, over the rails they passed.

And the captain waded off to the rocks of Spring Island and clambered up the bank, closely followed by the colonel and the squire.

So I clambered down off my perch and went again to de Lisle's post of command where I found him still sitting.

I clambered back upon the rocks, and threw the plant of tangle at my feet.

As he reached down, I swung the young woman up to him, and she clambered on as best she could.