Clambering [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Clambering:

Swim to the edge of the moat and, clambering out, take to his legs was naturally the first impulse.

The gunboats now came up like a flock of hawks, and soon the Moors were clambering over the rails.

“That will do till after breakfast,” he said, coming to the surface and clambering out aboard the Viking.

The warrior who had first felt the weight of Tim's fist now began clambering to his feet.

The rest followed as best they might, clambering from ledge to ledge.

He and the Kanakas had succeeded in righting the boat and clambering into her.

From the highest shoulder of the point she could see La Touche clambering over the seaward rocks.

It was a good half mile from the hill, and it cost me considerable clambering over the rocks, before I reached the ground.

Not a shot and they had reached the boat; they were clambering like rats up its bulky sides—when lo!

Lashing their horses they bore on toward him, dashing down the cut banks at reckless speed or clambering up them helter-skelter.