Clamminess [noun]

Definition of Clamminess:

dampness, moisture

Synonyms of Clamminess:

Opposite/Antonyms of Clamminess:

Sentence/Example of Clamminess:

More penetrating than its clamminess was the thought that Madame de Ferrier was out in it alone.

A clamminess, such as others feel at the approach of death, spread over my brow and neck.

Though the root-meaning seems rather that of clamminess or adhesiveness, as found in Sansc.

They felt it in the cold clamminess of the atmosphere, in the quiet peace of the long corridors.

Unless the sea is broken by the wind, there is about it just before dawn a peculiar creeping clamminess.

Then it grew greenish yellow with a sick clamminess of dread.

My mature view is that it was cold bread-pudding of a peculiarly villainous clamminess.

The rest of the time the atmosphere remained charged with rheumatic-dealing clamminess.

Try them with a fork, which must come out quite clean, and with no clamminess sticking to it.

But you are not troubled now with the clamminess of unabsorbed perspiration.