Clamoring [noun]

Definition of Clamoring:

loud cry; commotion

Synonyms of Clamoring:

Opposite/Antonyms of Clamoring:

Sentence/Example of Clamoring:

Notwithstanding the unseemly hour, the people came running out at the outcry and clamor especially those from the nearest houses.

Keeping up an ululating clamor of commands, he ran to the roof of the dwelling, snatched up a musket and took steady aim.

No one could deny that Government had yielded in the face of noisy clamor and forcible resistance.

It was the first time that a female voice had been heard in the midst of the clamor of these enraged combatants.

The clamor of the mob silenced the Girondists, and they hardly made an attempt to speak in their defense.

No wonder that in the clamor of their excited questions and answers no one heard the telephone ringing noisily in the hall.

He left the house in a dream more dense than the multitudinous clamor of his burden.

Indeed, the monotonous swing of the tables ground out the refrain in their harsh clamor, as they swung backwards and forwards.

The harsh clamor and the dirty disagreeable work were bearable before, but it would not be the same with Robert away.

A long and immense clamor was drawn from the hundred thousand spectators in the gardens.