Clandestine [adjective]

Definition of Clandestine:

secret, sly

Synonyms of Clandestine:

Opposite/Antonyms of Clandestine:

Sentence/Example of Clandestine:

That turns these well-known characters in neuroscience into double agents, acting obviously as neurotransmitters, but also as clandestine masters of epigenetics.

Instead, many travel abroad, search for a clandestine provider inside Poland, or continue their pregnancy.

Instead, this Jones adventure takes place in a clandestine video game that was released anonymously, then copied from one audio cassette to another.

Leaks have exposed some of the agency’s most clandestine intelligence-gathering operations.

I’m outing myself now, obviously, but at the time, our meal felt clandestine and certainly not safe for Instagram.

Sexual immorality is, by its very nature, a clandestine vice.

The actual case from which this fiction story was borrowed involved a man, a wife, and the wife's clandestine violinist lover.

Is not this consideration of itself sufficient to decide me against undertaking any clandestine correspondence?

The Queen saw that her help would really be wanted, and war, even clandestine war, required a great deal of money.

If there occurred the least clandestine proceeding, it was only when the danger was not felt—when not the least risk appeared.