Clandestinely [adverb]

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A December report by the investigative news organization Bellingcat, in collaboration with independent media outlets, identified eight FSB operatives working for a clandestine unit, who according to the investigation, were behind the attack.

The clandestine launch in 2016 of Nike’s Vaporfly 4% racing shoes, featuring a carbon-fiber plate embedded in a thick layer of ultra-resilient foam, kicked off an age of extreme shoe anxiety among competitive runners.

One would think you were a lover meeting his mistress clandestinely for the first time.

Stolen parties in the attics; suppers brought in clandestinely; lessons shirked!

He answered by return of post, pointing out that he couldn't possibly come to see her clandestinely, for her own sake.

There La Dame de la Dlivrande had been concealed with so much precaution that the good fathers said mass there clandestinely.

Money clandestinely taken from the proprietor we call theft, and the person who takes it we call a thief.

Eck, quitting his retreat at night, clandestinely escaped from Leipsic to go and hide himself at Coburg.

Just scored the girls who flirted and accepted valuable presents from men, and who met clandestinely at friends' houses.

They were passed around among the idle scholars clandestinely, to help them over hard places without study.