Clang [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Clang:

The clang of the heavy door below, striking the wall as it was pushed open, had reached his ears.

Jim Bryant threw the gate shut with a clang and came striding across the yard.

The door arose and fell back onto the pavement with a clang, exposing a dark pit.

The clang of the heavy door had a comforting sound behind them.

Terrible was the clang of the strong sword Ecke-sax on the helmets of the Nibelungs.

We have heard the whistling of their bows, and the clang of their lances.

The motion was attended by a creaking clang and the elbow felt exceedingly like a complex wheel.

Suddenly there was a clang-clang of gongs, and all traffic drew to one side to allow the passage of a flying motor fire-engine.

Then there was a pause, in the midst of which the iron gate was heard to clang, and footsteps sounded on the gravel.

As it was, he received the missile on his shield, from which it glanced with a loud clang, and went hissing into the river.