Clanging [adjective]

Definition of Clanging:

high-pitched, harsh in sound

Synonyms of Clanging:

Opposite/Antonyms of Clanging:







Sentence/Example of Clanging:

It was well named: the bell was clanging away with a loud and furious tongue, enough to drive a sick man mad.

For think of it: here was no twopenny ride on a clanging tram through naked, unshaded streets before they could reach the sea.

Then the clanging cars sped past, and when they had gone he climbed down the side of the bank.

Just then he heard the clanging of a bell, as if hurriedly tolled.

There was a clanging round of metallic applause as three or four people clapped their hands.

And now he had scarcely recovered from his fright when a terrible clanging clatter startled him.

They went out through the truck entrance, and across the gusty avenue, clanging with cars filled with early workers.

As the shadows darkened like spilt ink, their clanging notes came down to the lonely drake.

The air was empty without the sound of Donald's axe clanging in the distance, or of his voice calling Lassie.

They were passing a half-lit street, and these dreams were broken by the sudden clanging, rattling music of a piano-organ.