Clangor [noun]

Definition of Clangor:

loud noise

Synonyms of Clangor:




Opposite/Antonyms of Clangor:


Sentence/Example of Clangor:

A church clock struck the hour of seven, its clangor intruding upon the silence only as a muffled boom.

On the Surrey shore whistles shrieked, and endless moving chains sent up their monstrous clangor into the night.

The second door was opened, and the clangor of the Surrey shore suddenly proclaimed itself.

A mighty horn was blaring; a great bell was tossing up its brazen throat in ringing clangor.

The deafening clangor soon dominated and completely drowned the isolated tinkling of the communal bell.

At intervals the bells of the churches intermitted their clangor, no doubt in the hope of having silenced the belfry.

Its sonorous and regular peal proceeded, however, unchecked, and the clerical clangor was renewed with redoubled fury.

And these cries, taken up by the crowds, were soon joined by the clangor from the belfry.

Then came the soft clangor of a gong—once, twice, three times.

But now the loud and unusual clangor from the tower of the parliament house carried the warning far and wide.