Clangorous [adjective]

Definition of Clangorous:

very loud and unharmonious in sound

Opposite/Antonyms of Clangorous:

Sentence/Example of Clangorous:

Then we pray to the holy deity, Pallas of the clangorous arms, the first to welcome our cheers.

He had a habit of smiting the keyboard, and massive chords, clangorous harmonies inevitably preluded his performances.

"That's not a con-tin-gen-cy," said Barbara, and for more than a minute they listened to the clangorous racket of the rails.

And with the clangorous metal pail he smote the ugly, brutish skull.

Thereupon, he lifted up his voice in clangorous condemnation, after the manner of his species.

Her lips parted; from them came another trumpeting—tyrannic, arrogant and clangorous.

The machinery of the pit-head is all down, likewise the clangorous iron tower which shells seemed unable to destroy.

He was the first to introduce Tschakowsky's brilliant and clangorous B-flat minor concerto.

High up in the Gothic steeple, the bells were swinging, gay and clangorous.

The orchestra had now begun to play a lively and rather clangorous prelude.