Clanking [noun]

Definition of Clanking:

metallic noise

Synonyms of Clanking:







Opposite/Antonyms of Clanking:


Sentence/Example of Clanking:

Nigel would have remonstrated with her, but she had departed, and in a moment he heard the house-door clank behind her.

The clank of a sword sounds above the measured foot fall on a polished floor.

The log lurched noisily across lumps and hollows, the chain made a harsh clank, and the wood echoed the thud of heavy hoofs.

Soon he heard men's voices, and the familiar clank of chains.

The merry-go-rounds glint and clank under the shadow of a church.

Now a clank of metal against metal sounded behind me; from the side passage a figure in radiation armor moved out.

He saw the gleam of many gray uniforms and he heard a clank which he knew could be made only by the wheels of cannon.

Silent and alone she sat until break of day, when she was aroused by the shrill pibroch, heavy footsteps, and the clank of arms.

"Our host is right," said Le Glorieux, replacing his sword in its sheath with a decided clank.

In vain do they clank their chains, and fill the air with their shrieks, and make their supplications for mercy.