Clans [noun]

Definition of Clans:

family, clique

Synonyms of Clans:

Opposite/Antonyms of Clans:

Sentence/Example of Clans:

Is it your intention to marshal all the clans of all the advanced women and lead them against the more occupied and disunited sex?

Several times people came from neighboring clans and asked Antler for food.

Battle between neighboring clans was the first step toward breaking this up.

Then moving forms appeared on the banks and lighted the clans seated around the fire.

The house of Micah was like a feudal castle; the Benjamite war was like the strife of Highland clans.

This set him against the Jefferson clans of our state, who feared not a war with the North so much as one with Europe.

When I call to the sacrifice the clans who dwell in the same nest with the heroes, may Agni then attain all divine powers.

In the Kalevala we meet with no kings, but only patriarchs, or chiefs of clans.

The heroes are patriarchs, or chiefs of clans; not kings, as in Homer.

So he divided them into their clans, the clans of the Bear, the Eagle, and other clans.