Clapped [noun]

Definition of Clapped:

loud hitting noise

Synonyms of Clapped:

Opposite/Antonyms of Clapped:



Sentence/Example of Clapped:

"We have a grandfather in Greenfield," spoke up the youngest child before his sister could clap her hand over his mouth.

But ten thousand saw Musa's hand clap to hilt, and Iftikhar's lance half fall to rest.

Viscount Melbourne expressed himself to the effect that the Earl of Ripon's motion came like a thunder-clap upon him.

You had a very fair clap-trap against us, as we happened to be master manufacturers, in saying that we wanted to reduce wages.

You can't clap a new head on to old shoulders without upsetting circulation and equilibrium.

He has shown us His final anger; mercy, indeed, if with one great clap He could strike us all dead and end the agony.

Then came a noise like a clap of thunder, while the mountain opened, and the131 princess went in.

It lightened every moment, and the thunder rolled along as though137 it was a single clap that lasted through the whole night.

He could hear his voice boom out with thunderous amplification and saw Scotty clap his hands to his ears.

To every clap of thunder he replied with a blow of his hammer, making a cadence which was audible even amidst that tumult.