Claptrap [noun]

Definition of Claptrap:

empty talk

Synonyms of Claptrap:

Opposite/Antonyms of Claptrap:


Sentence/Example of Claptrap:

Mr Erman despises the common trick and claptrap resorted to by vulgar writers.

If it was desired, we determined that it should be bought without extolling claptrap of any kind.

His words are redolent of claptrap and fury, and are a mischievous element in the formation of public opinion.

Alison is all fudge and claptrap, with his granite squares of infantry and his billows of cavalry.

When he talked of 'the sacred purposes of humanity' it was not artificial claptrap in a protocol.

What is it but false, misleading, nonsensical claptrap to say that their interests were identical with those of their employer?

All this talk about an invariable dollar which shall be like the bushel measure or the yard stick is the merest claptrap.

He is not a quick worker, and his operas all bear evidence of thought and an avoidance of claptrap effects.

Come, Harness, you're a clever man, you don't believe all the Socialistic claptrap that's talked nowadays.

Sonnica la Cortesana gives you antique Saguntum and the usual "Aves," wreaths, flute-players and other claptrap of costume novels.