Clarifications [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Clarifications:

The public health agency also provided further clarification on what it means by celebrating only with members of your own household.

This leaves her to wonder if the clarification is worth the effort.

On the bright side, Page’s clarification of the problem paved the way to a solution.

The latest clarifications once again emphasize that contextual targeting is likely to play a larger role in marketers’ mobile app advertising strategies.

The majority of comments engaged with the content itself, asking questions, clarifications or counter-arguments.

China’s representative said Wikimedia’s application was “inconsistent” with information on its own website, and asked for “further clarification.”

We actually had a great long conversation last night about values clarification, things like that … She’s really driven by service and contribution.

The team did not immediately respond to a request for clarification as to the increase and Chang declined to specific how much the 49ers spend on marketing.

The clarification is that these can only be between two individuals.

For tweets that are not removed, Twitter said labels may provide links to additional clarifications or explanations.