Clarified [verb]

Definition of Clarified:

explain, make clear

Synonyms of Clarified:

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Sentence/Example of Clarified:

One of the changes the Fed made to the Main Street loan program on Friday clarified that businesses seeking Main Street loans from a bank should not have previous Paycheck Protection Program loans of up to $2 million held against them.

The contract also clarifies student rights, declaring that children cannot be questioned by school-assigned police — known as school resource officers, or SROs — until and unless their parent or guardian has been informed.

It provides further evidence that there were at least two instances of interbreeding, and it helps clarify how early human populations moved around Asia.

The move came after a statement from the Association of Art Museum Directors, a national oversight organization, that clarified the intent of an April move that loosened deaccessioning rules.

AT&T touts its quarterly “activiations” without clarifying that only a small portion of customers are choosing to sign up for HBO Max directly by paying $15 per month for a subscription.

Murkowski on Tuesday said only that she would meet with Barrett later, which an aide clarified was sometime this week.

On Thursday, Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai said he plans to review Section 230, as the law is known, to “clarify” the law to determine whether it should be reined in or eliminated.

This was further clarified by two state supreme court cases in 1984, leading to the passage of the definitive stream access law in 1985.

On Thursday, Armstrong published a follow-up post that clarified his position, and which disclosed the number of employees who decided to depart.

A month later, Malcolm updated records to clarify that his company hadn’t put up the money for the skydiving facility.