Clarifies [verb]

Definition of Clarifies:

explain, make clear

Synonyms of Clarifies:

Opposite/Antonyms of Clarifies:

Sentence/Example of Clarifies:

This new appreciation of his character clarifies various incidents heretofore puzzling to me.

His uncompromising atheism is the very heart and core of his system and clarifies the whole situation.

The doctrine clarifies even astonishing statistical miracles.

The habit of regarding literature as art clarifies immediately the teacher's conception of his method of handling it.

This knowing clarifies the nurse's understanding of the call and guides the nursing response.

Accordingly, the relationships which a story clarifies are of much greater import than the facts it gives.

To be out thus early dulls a nice brain, which nothing clarifies like snuff.

Therefore, 'it strengthens the attractive faculty in man and clarifies the blood, because the one is ruled by Mars.

The Appendix explains and clarifies several points in the foregoing and answers possible objections.

As well believe that the rust makes the knife sharp, dirt promotes purity, and mud clarifies the stream.