Clarion [adjective]

Definition of Clarion:

clear, stirring sound

Synonyms of Clarion:

Opposite/Antonyms of Clarion:


Sentence/Example of Clarion:

Yet the Clarion opposes sweating and tyranny and hypocrisy, and does its best to defeat and to destroy them.

Like a clarion call the note rings in my ears, amidst the din of contending views and obscure phraseology.

We walked on so together to the spot where we first had met, and where first the thrush had sounded for us his elfin clarion.

He had unfolded the newspaper slowly and carefully, the sharp crackle of the paper would have been a clarion call to Agnes.

Three more steps will make a certain shot, and—out rang Jack's nasal clarion, loud and clear as the morte at a fox-chase.

Although it did not cry "Excelsior," its output of vocables might have been mistaken, by a casual ear, for that clarion call.

At a signal from the king a single clarion blew, whereon the pursuivants loosed their hold of the bridles and sprang back.

As they passed Lime Point, Mr. Gibney prepared to shorten sail and like a clarion blast his voice rang through the ship.

"Two," counted the teacher, and with one concerted blast every pupil blew his or her nose in clarion notes.

On each application of the fuse to Long Tom the bugle rang out in clarion tones its warning to seek cover.