Clashes [noun]

Definition of Clashes:

disagreement or fight, often brief

Opposite/Antonyms of Clashes:

Sentence/Example of Clashes:

Its discordant clashes sweep upward in one harmonious tone that blends with the music of other worlds—to complete God's orchestra.

No. 11 is a color that clashes with even a natural straw, so is not advisable in any combination or alone.

The summer, it seemed, had been one long series of clashes with her grandmother.

Then the war, the commercial struggles, the clashes between groups of conflicting interests, will be a night-mare of the past.

During little clashes she was accustomed to occupy herself with considerations about the next dinner.

When such international clashes occurred, it was always difficult to find out which one had started the trouble.

The frieze round the top of the same room clashes hopelessly with the calm pre-Raphaelite figures beneath it.

The meetings may be climaxes, produce clashes, or friendly contact; and in the passing high-brows and common folks rub elbows.

It clashes together the long nails that literally appear to hang from the finger ends.

That's what I most fear in the decades following the end of the war—trade clashes.