Classes [noun]

Definition of Classes:

kind, sort, category

Synonyms of Classes:

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Sentence/Example of Classes:

It was generally lauded by Spaniards, whilst it filled all classes of natives with indignation.

It was principally confined to the lower classes, and was common among soldiers and sailors.

Still another kind of war credit bank was created on the co-operative plan to assist the middle and lower classes.

The morning to sleep, the afternoon to business and the evening to enjoyment, seems the usual routine with the favored classes.

Men of the higher classes keep two or three servants to attend to their pipes.

In no part of the world is smoking so common as in South America; here all classes and all ages use the weed.

The smoking of cigarettes by the ladies is quite common, especially among the higher classes.

I know the symptoms, they are unmistakable: they always are, among the ministering classes.

Certain hours are allotted to the ladies' classes, and special terms are made for young men and schoolboys.

And, on the whole, I do not know that there are better mothers than the English, especially of the middle classes.