Classical [adjective]

Definition of Classical:

concerning ancient culture

Synonyms of Classical:

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Sentence/Example of Classical:

Vaccines aren’t supposed to work like that, though, at least according to classical immunology.

A quantum Internet would be based on a network of quantum computers, a buzzy class of calculating machines that offers advantages over classical computers, like the one you’re reading this article on.

I’m not sure we’re going to see your classical second wave, like in 1918.

In a classical hard drive, for example, the data are stored in bits, 0s or 1s that are represented by magnetized regions consisting of many atoms.

For classical computers, correcting errors, if they do occur, is straightforward.

Sure, Google’s computer was able to solve a problem in 200 seconds that the company claimed would have taken the best classical computer 10,000 years.

Conventional computers — which physicists call classical computers to distinguish them from the quantum variety — are resistant to errors.

As progress in classical chips has flagged in recent years, there’s been an increasing focus on more efficient software and specialized chips to continue pushing the pace.

Similarly, a program called Aiva, trained on thousands of classical compositions, has released albums whose pieces are being used by ad agencies and movies.

This was a vast building of classical design, resembling a Grecian temple.