Classicism [noun]

Definition of Classicism:

simple style; regularity, restraint

Opposite/Antonyms of Classicism:

Sentence/Example of Classicism:

The revival of classicism in architecture is traced to the individual efforts of Thomas Jefferson.

The demands which this new classicism made were able to be satisfied by no one any longer, not even by Vien.

In the very personalities of these two the whole opposition between Classicism and the Nazarenes is reflected.

And Hlne de Sparte, which in its outward form manifests a return to classicism, handles purely moral, eternal problems.

The first of these books is one that still bears 9considerable traces of classicism.

For Italian sculpture was bound hand and foot by the traditions of classicism, to which our early sculptors soon fell captive.

When not misled by the French classicism of his day, Dryden was an admirable critic, full of penetration and sound sense.

Thus Classicism in Art constantly needs the freshening, broadening influence of Romanticism.

Romanticism is undoubtedly first and indispensable; but so, not less, classicism is indispensable, though second.

For 276 neither classicism nor romanticism alone concludes the ultimate theory of literature.